gosh, i love the voice.

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i will not rest until everyone in america is watching.


just the headline please.

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read it.


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next week, fanfarlo’s rooms filled with light comes out. it’s streaming now on npr. you should listen to “lens life” and “tanguska.”

and andrew bird’s break it yourself comes out the following tuesday, march 6th. but next week, npr will be streaming it! (and his sxsw showcase on march 14th.)

AAAAND i’m obsessed with the voice again. i’ve pretty much watched all the blind audition episodes twice.

and even though i haven’t been keeping up with idol, i LOVE philip philips, aka dave matthews jr.

i’m embarrassed to say…

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i love this song.

so when the boyfriend of one of the cast members on one of my favorite tv shows covered it and enlisted the help of other actors from said show for the video….

you know i’m down.

what i did last night

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song of the day 2/1

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2 posts in one day!

the original here (i cannot WAIT til this album comes out):

you can download the cover for free at stereogum.

because we were ALL wondering…

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it may surprise you, but one of my favorite songs of all time is ice cube’s “it was a good day.” dont ask.

donovan strain, a BLOGGER like myself (but i bet he averages more than half a post every month), actually took the time to try and determine what day in history ice is talking about. and apparently “national ‘good day’ day” was january 20, 1992.


(via stereogum)