yeah, yeah…

so i said i’d never start a blog. mostly because i wouldn’t have anything worth telling the world about. i still stand by this. so, no worries. this blog is mostly for my own record keeping, but maybe people will read it. a couple of times each month, i will post a playlist, with the theme varying from post to post.

if i’ve learned anything in college, it’s that i can craft a master mix cd (and make a killer poster). i’m not claiming to have extraordinary taste in music. in fact, i will gladly admit that i listen to the radio. (mostly county, but hey, radio is radio.) instead, i like to think of myself as a liaison to those who are overwhelmed with the amount of music available today. i’ve been told that i have a knack for picking out what people like to hear. and in all honesty, nothing makes me happier than spending hours making the perfect mix cd for someone i love.

so this is your welcome to my musical world. a world where i spend ungodly amounts of money on itunes and give you a taste of what’s out there. i might even provide it in cd form for interested parties. and i’ll try to keep the commentary to a minimum. theme suggestions are always welcome.

i also have no idea how to use wordpress, so if this all looks like crap, i apologize. i’ll get lindsey to fix it asap. :)


~ by CJL on May 8, 2008.

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