california, here we come.

as you may already know, i recently embarked on the journey of watching the o.c. in its entirety. all 104 episodes. not only have i been a fan of the show since it first started in 2003, but i also own all 6 “music of the o.c.” soundtracks. believe it or not, these albums are really good. in fact, i have to credit the show for helping me discover a few bands years earlier than i would have otherwise (imogen heap, joseph arthur, stars…there’s probably more).

for your enjoyment, i’ve compiled the best of the oc (excluding mix 3 because it’s a christmas cd). and for all you fans out there, i’ve also taken the liberty of including which episode the song is in, along with some of its highlights. join me on this trip down memory lane..

1. how good it can be- the 88 (from mix 1)

  • “the heights” (s1, e9): it’s ryan’s first day at harborl. marissa just od’d in TJ because she saw Luke cheat on her. (still not feeling sorry for her). the anna/seth/summer love triangle intensifies, and sandy and caleb begin a legal battle over the balboa heights. the episode ends with marissa and ryan’s first kiss on the ferris wheel, and thus begins a 3 year on and off relationship of agony. (clearly, i’m not a marissa fan)

2. we used to be friends- the dandy warhols (1)

  • “the secret” (s1, e12): this is the pivotal point where luke the jerk becomes pathetic but hilarious luke. it all boils down to his dad being outed in this episode. this ushers in the oliver era…arguably the best couple of episodes in the entire series.

3. something pretty- patrick park (2)

  • “the telenovela” (s1, e20): ryan dumps marissa after the oliver saga (finally), but of course this has nothing to do with the fact that theresa, his ex from chino, is back in the picture. did i mention she’s engaged? luke is sleeping with julie cooper, and seth finally mans up and declares his love for summer very publicly at school.

4. if you leave- nada surf (2)

  • “the goodbye girl” (s1, e21): anna moves back to pittsburgh and theresa to chino (but not before they do the dirty…which poses a problem later). caleb and julie get back together (gross). the fact that the woman can sleep with a 17 year old then a senior citizen still blows my mind.

5. maybe i’m amazed- jem (2)

  • “the ties that bind” (s1, e27): oops, theresa’s pregnant. which means ryan’s gotta go back to chino, causing marissa to bawl her eyes out at her mom and caleb’s wedding (shh, he’s broke!). seth freaks out about ryan leaving and decides to take that sailing trip to tahiti, without telling summer.

6. trouble sleeping- the perishers (2)

  • the way we were” (s2, e2): ryan and seth are back in newport after summers in chino and portland, respectively. summer has moved on (hellooooo zach), and oh yeah, caleb gets arrested, making him criminal husband #2 for julie cooper-nichol.

7. on the table- ac newman (4)

  • “the new kids on the block” (s2, e3): lindsey gardner is here, people! later, we find out that she’s the secret love child of caleb, making her the kind-of aunt of ryan. not that this stops him from dating her. seth starts working at the bait shop, which means that alex makes her entrance into one of the trashier phases of the show.

8. champagne supernova- matt pond PA (4)

  • “the rainy day women” (s2, e14): one of my favorite episodes ever. marissa moves in with alex (yep, her girlfriend now), and kirsten thinks sandy is cheating on her with his ex-fiancee. summer ditches zach at the airport (on the way to italy to be a bridesmaid in his sister’s wedding…poor guy) to be with seth, leading to that upside down spiderman kiss in the rain.

9. requiem for o.m.m.- of montreal (5)

  • “the rager” (s2, e19): kirsten maybe has a crush on carter, the editor? (still not sure) of newport living. zach and seth try to launch atomic county, their comic book series, while julie gets caught up in a sex tape scandal. marissa throws ryan’s brother, trey, a 21st birthday party, at which a girl od’s and falls into the pool.

10. california (phantom planet cover)- mates of state (6)

  • “the chrismukk-huh?” (s4. e7): ryan and taylor fall off a ladder, causing them to enter into a delusional o.c. world where julie is married to sandy, the mayor of newport, and jimmy cooper and kirsten are married. summer is engaged to winchester (che), and seth is a loner. most importantly, taylor and ryan don’t exist in this parallel universe. the two have to get the real couples back together before they can return to the real world. this sounds really weird, but this episode is actually worth watching.

as you can see, season 3 is not represented very well. that’s because season 3 is AWFUL. just go straight from 2 to 4 if you’re watching. you’ll like the series a lot more that way.


~ by CJL on June 7, 2008.

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  1. Watching Season 3 is dull but important, in my opinion.

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