acl, day one

thanks to my three day pass, i don’t have to pick which day of acl i want to go to this year. i know alot of people were disappointed when the lineup came out, but i am VERY excited. i agree that i’m not really interested in seeing any of the headliners, but there are a ton of great bands playing each day, and i don’t know that i could be any happier. for those of you that have to decide which day is the “best,” here’s my opinion, beginning with, of course, a playlist.

  1. “peace, love and happiness”- & special sauce: think jack johnson’s laidback surf sound with a reggae/rap twist and lots of harmonica. my idea of the quintessential summer band.
  2. “something good this way comes”- jakob dylan: the son of bob came out with his first solo album earlier this month. sounds like the wallflowers (he used to be the frontman), but with a simpler, more acoustic sound.
  3. “out of my system”- jamie lidell: ladies, get ready to melt. amos lee‘s voice + marc broussard‘s music = jamie lidell.
  4. “the widow”- the mars volta: it’s like the raconteurs with less yelling. personally, i’m not a huge fan, but i know alot of musicians that are, so it’s worth a listen. and i think they’d put on a pretty interesting live show.
  5. “get better”- mates of state: an edgier, rockier belle and sebastian or camera obscura…which is still pretty light.
  6. “sultan”- what made milwaukee famous: this is vampire weekend with a more mature sound. maybe even a little spoon-y. easy on the ears, but not boring. i’m a fan.

who i’m dying to see: jenny lewis, m. ward, n.e.r.d., vampire weekend

other big names: donavon frankenreiter, gogol bordello, hot chip, manu chao, patty griffin


~ by CJL on June 22, 2008.

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