new coldplay b-side*!!!

this may be old news to some, but you can download “death will never conquer” on their website. read this article for more details on the song. (i won’t spoil anything for you…just prepare to be pleasantly surprised) and if you don’t already own their b-sides album, you’re missing out on my favorite song of theirs, “only superstition”.

p.s. people need to CALM DOWN with the angry arcade fire accusations.

*b-side: used to be a song on the flipside of a vinyl record that isn’t meant to be released as a single. now refers to a song that didn’t stylistically fit in with the rest of an album, a cover, a demo, or a previously unreleased, rare track. so basically anything.

~ by CJL on July 15, 2008.

One Response to “new coldplay b-side*!!!”

  1. Hey CJL,

    I’ve been reading through your playlist today, and I just wanted to say that I enjoy the way you describe your reactions to the songs.

    Have you ever listened to Peter Bradley Adams? Here’s a song his label is giving out:

    Hope you enjoy the “tunage.”


    P.S. Feel free to pop me an email if you want to talk music sometime!

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