musicians: there’s no one hotter.

and i stand by that. here in video playlist form, are my top 5 hottest musicians. of course, i left out some obvious ones: justin timberlake, chris brown, chris martin, etc.

5. ADAM LEVINE: frontman of maroon 5 and well known playboy of the music industry. i can’t really explain my fascination with him because sometimes, he makes bad hair choices. i just don’t know. maybe it’s because he looks dang good in a three piece suit. however, i DO like that he is respected among artists of other genres, particularly hip hop. his voice is pretty unique and so is the music that his band creates. this isn’t a maroon 5 video; it’s an snl digital short. but adam’s in it. and so is andy samberg :)

4. WILLIAM BECKETT: i can honestly say that i know nothing about the academy is… or their lead singer. all i know is that i was oddly captivated by him when i saw the band live last year (they were opening for the shins…get off my back!) i literally could not look away. maybe it was the hair; maybe it was the skinny jeans. that marked the point in my life where i came to terms with my weakness for the whole emo look. what a life changing time, indeed. here’s the video of slow down, the only song of theirs i know. izzy and i used to jam out to all the time. (did i mention he was in heaven at that concert?!?)

3. PAOLO NUTINI: he’s half scottish, half irish, and has one of the most intoxicating voices i have ever heard in my life. (if you know anything about his partying ways, then that could be a pun). you might recognize him from the current puma commercials where he sings “new shoes.” believe it or not, i don’t even like that song that much. i think his talent is best showcased on songs that are slow and sultry. when you hear him sing, you probably won’t believe that he’s only 21. here is one of my favorites, “last request.” don’t ask me how the plot of this video relates to the song, because after three years, i still have NO idea.

2. ANDREW VAN WYNGARDEN: one half of my favorite band of the year: mgmt. the band got started while he and ben were in college (a legit one too, at that), and they weren’t even trying to be a band. just doing something they loved, and eventually the world caught on. they make music that is one of a kind and sometimes downright weird. but they don’t care. as you will see in the time to pretend video. (once you warm up to that one, try electric feel). i love a man that can rock the raybans with a headscarf.

1. TYSON RITTER: ok, i don’t even like the all-american rejects so this pick says alot. he dabbles in other arts, but not to the point where he’s so out of his league it’s annoying. when he was in hugo boss’s recent fall/winter 08 campaign, people didn’t even recognize him. ironically, i like that. next, he’s going to be in that new anna faris movie. this might not be the most tasteful move ever, but anna faris is hilarious, and i will be there opening night in hopes that it’s half as funny as just friends. the move along video is where my infatuation first began. that face…so beautiful.

an honorable mention goes to rihanna. i just love her. she is so pretty. if you don’t agree, then clearly you are blind.


~ by CJL on July 31, 2008.

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