podcast alert!

i discovered an awesome podcast last week. search “the interface,” spinner.com’s weekly (i think?) podcast to find a glorious database of 20 minutes with a band (live performances and interview included). i felt like a kid in a candy store…except not, because they’re FREE. john vanderslice, the new pornographers, of montreal- and most come with video! the first one i watched was mgmt (surprise, surprise), and i must say, if you have any interest in this band whatsoever, you owe it to yourself to download this episode.

not only do you get to see “pieces of what,” “electric feel,” “the handshake,” and “future reflections” performed live, but at the end, there’s a priceless interview with avw and ben. i so badly want you to watch this because it’s sooooo awkward.

here  are my favorite parts:

  1. avw giving the most dbag answers possible. i admit, some of the questions were stupid, but it’s a 4 minute segment. you don’t have to make it so, completely obvious that you would rather be anywhere else in the world at the moment. ironically, this made me love him more.  (i guess nice guys really do finish last. while they’re in their young 20’s, anyway)
  2. ben laughing in disbelief at avw’s obscure answers but doing nothing which makes everything all the more hilarious.
  3. the interviewer wanting to die about 30 seconds into it.
  4. an extended metaphor about the brooklyn music scene that somehow turned into a tribute to instant messaging and about how kids these days (what…he’s like 24?) don’t know the proper spelling of the french “centre.”

really, really entertaining.


~ by CJL on November 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “podcast alert!”

  1. Oh I’m all over this. It sounds fantastic, if only for the live “Electric Feel.” Although, I must say, playlist guru, that my favorite song from this album is “Kids.” How do you feel about this?

  2. A follow up to my last comment: Electric Feel was awesome. However, the interview was easily my favorite part. WOW.

    Favorite part about the Brooklyn music scene: it doesn’t exist. Least favorite part: the myth.

    Middle school is where I learned to be a great typer.

    Sigh… If I ever conduct an interview half this good, I will consider my career as a journalist a success.

  3. […] and…just so we never forget, let’s pay tribute to one of my favorite interviews of all time (yes, again. this never gets old to me.): […]

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