the best, the worst, and the crushes

being one myself, i know you will enjoy this greatly. readers’ comments are even funnier.

the worst people of 2008.

the best people of 2008. (okay, so the worst list is way better)

indie rock crushes (guys & girls) of 2008. here is a taste of why you MUST read the comments that follow the article:

  1. “thom yorke and bradford cox look like they just crawled out of the grave.”
  2. “looking at bradford cox actually makes me upset. any girl who claims she likes bradford cox cannot possibly be attracted to men. fact.”
  3. “people, bradford cox has marfan syndrome- it is a genetic disorder of the connectivity tissue.”
  4. “heck yes, ryan adams. i would go gay for him.”
  5. “how is andrew vanwyngarden a ‘fashion’ icon? he’s always naked.”

~ by CJL on December 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “the best, the worst, and the crushes”

  1. I love the worst list, especially that Kim Zolciak is on it. However, I would have included Lisa from Top Chef: Chicago on it.

  2. hahahaha
    good stuff

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