2008: the playlist

now, for my favorite songs of 2008.

little do you know, i totally held out on you in my previous post. none of the songs i recommended are actually my favorite on that album. i guess it’s time to divulge. let’s start with my 10 favorite songs from my 10 favorite albums of 2008…

  1. oxford comma OR m79- vampire weekend (for lyrical and melodical reasons, respectively)
  2. he doesn’t know why- fleet foxes
  3. now- mates of state
  4. electric feel- mgmt (duh)
  5. moab- conor oberst
  6. fix it- ryan adams & the cardinals (on the radio, but oh well, it’s a good one.)
  7. on tour with zykos- okkervil river
  8. sleeping sickness- city and colour
  9. skinny love- bon iver
  10. skin of the night- m83

and the wild cards…(2 words that explain the current pit of depression in which i am currently wallowing. see also: darren sproles.)

  1. single ladies (put a ring on it)- beyonce
  2. revelry- kings of leon
  3. ten dead dogs- wild sweet orange
  4. the arm- islands
  5. disturbia- rihanna
  6. if it kills me- jason mraz
  7. love is the end- keane
  8. whatever you like- t.i.
  9. hit the heartbrakes- black kids
  10. closer to you- brett dennen
  11. sultan- what made milwaukee famous
  12. robocop- kanye west
  13. sunday afternoon- rachael yamagata
  14. in your atmosphere- john mayer (only because we’ve all been there)
  15. dracula’s lament- jason segel

tell me yours.


~ by CJL on January 4, 2009.

One Response to “2008: the playlist”

  1. Okay, here’s my list… (silence)… hahahahaha, I know nothing of this “new music” you speak of. Although, I do enjoy seeing songs you’ve given me appear on this list. And on that note, I’ve been checking the mail. Nothing. Should I expect to get my third installment in person?

    PS- I enjoyed your top ten countdown, as well.

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