[and hilarity ensues]

i read alot of blogs everyday. 12, to be exact. i feel like it is my duty as a friend/media whore to share some bits of absolute greatness with you. (disclaimer: most (all?) of these are not music related.

1. tru tv (this is a channel?!?) is starting this new show called the principal’s office. in this clip, 2 high school boys educate their principal on the art of “grinding.” i have no idea what the premise of the show is, but if they’re going to play stuff like this every week, i’ll gladly add it to my dvr queue.

fyi: i had never seen anything that more accurately portrays what my best friends in high school were like until i saw this. videogum calls it an example of “the lengths that teenagers will go to pretend they’re not f*cking with you while still f*cking with you very hard.” (i reeled you in, didn’t i?)

2. ryan seacrest tries to high-five a blind guy on american idol. self-explanatory.

3. microsoft songsmith has been a hot topic the past week or so. the company came out with this AWFUL commercial. apparently, it’s real. hopefully they were going for “this is such a horrifying trainwreck that i have to laugh” effect. videogum (my favorite blog of the moment) wonders if “Microsoft found some kind of home-schooling Christian commune in the woods and hired them to make their commercial.” (read all of the editorial here.)

4. best week ever’s golden globe superlatives!

5. ladies and gentlemen…verne troyer!


~ by CJL on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “[and hilarity ensues]”

  1. You’ve outdone yourself. That grinding video had me in tears.

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