new year = new music

2009 is going to be great. i have tickets to see andrew bird and ryan adams & the cardinals in the next couple of weeks, and i’m debating whether to hit up the mates of state/black kids tour later on in the semester.

5 hyped albums have already hit the stands, and surprisingly, none have disappointed. here goes my sad attempt to convince you to give them a listen. (i won’t include the bon iver ep because it’s only 4 songs, and i think that, by now, you should understand how i feel about justin vernon.)

i’ll start with the obvious: ANDREW BIRD. easy listening for fans of m.ward, sufjan stevens, and wilco. the man is omnipotent. he picks up, plays, and puts various instruments back down within the same song, and he whistles. one of the more unique artists i’ve ever come across, although some say his vocals dont’ have enough variety. check out a song from noble beast that he played on letterman earlier this week.

next up, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE.  one of those bands that’s been around for awhile but i never got around to listening to. their newest album is one that is already being called the best album of 2009.  if you like mgmt, you will like merriweather post pavilion. however, unlike oracular spectacular, is one of those albums that must be embraced as a body of work and not a smattering of standout can stream the entire album on npr. (make sure you scroll down to the bottom if you want to go song by song.)

COCONUT RECORDS. jason schwartzman’s (yes, the guy from rushmore) solo project since leaving his post as drummer of phantom planet. (yes, they wrote the oc’s theme song) i raved about his debut because it was…well…AWESOME. but his follow up, davy, is even better. think pre-country ben kweller with some of the format mixed in. i’m a little frustrated right now because i can’t find the song (saint jerome) i want you to hear. in fact, there seems to be a general lack of davy anything on youtube. oh well. go on itunes and listen to the 30 second clip?

and last but not least, THE BIRD AND THE BEE. if you’ve ever gotten a mix cd from me, chances are good that it had some b&b on it. i’d compare them to imogen heap or eisley. ray guns are not just the future reminds me of a james bond movie. it has a spy vibe with global appeal. and i use global in the physical sense…as in, around the world. lucky for you, you can listen to the whole thing on spinner. get on it quick, though. they’ll probably take it off their site soon since it came out this week. here’s their cover of “please don’t stop the music”:

aaaaand i am a little embarrassed to admit that i have indeed bought taylor swift’s cd. she is a bit dramatic for my taste, but her music does take me back to the good ol’ days of being 16 and in “love.”

also, i finally broke down and bought joshua radin’s newest. i really didn’t like that first album. (every song sounded the same!) this one’s good though. more drums and vocal variety. and since elliot and j.d. are back together again, i’m sure we’ll be hearing a joshua radin song in every future episode of scrubs.


~ by CJL on January 29, 2009.

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