v-day and dRA. that rhymes.

so on tuesday, ryan adams released a special valentine’s ep on itunes. it’s called extra cheese, and the album art is of a heart shaped pepperoni pizza. cute.

what’s not cute is releasing an ep of 6 songs, only 1 of which is actually new. what’s even more not cute is making that 1 new song album only. so either you got sucked into paying $4 because you wanted to hear “hey there, mrs. lovely,” or you were like me and blindly purchased the ep without even looking at the tracklist, only to find that you already owned 5 of the 6 songs. awesome.

the more important piece of news, however, is that RYAN IS ENGAGED. to mandy moore, pop princess.  (i know most of you don’t keep up with his personal life so i will give you a few seconds to release your !!!OMG WTF!!!!’s)

as a loyal fan, this isn’t completely surprising. (well, it’s not a match anyone could have predicted.) they dated for awhile last year; it’s been implied that he couldn’t take the paparazzi that came along with the relationship. but recently, he’s made it pretty obvious that he missed her. he gave up smoking for her (that was huge), and she’s been showing up in the cardinals’ tour pictures from australia. so we knew they were back together.

i read somewhere that their engagement is comparable to aaron rose marrying serena van der woodsen. i kind of agree, i guess. but at least ryan’s happy. i’m definitely happy for him. he’d been very obviously unhappy for way too long. i think the big question now, is, how will this affect his future songwriting?

the sheer fact that he is getting married is SO WEIRD. i mean, he’s been engaged before (leona naess), and they even recorded a song together a few months ago. but, he’s gonna have a WIFE. for so long, his music revolved around tortured love and the like.

supposedly, he’s taking a hiatus from touring, which probably means that we won’t see another album for a little bit. i say supposedly because he’s said this before. but i guess this time is more legit because he’s developed some kind of inner ear disease and vertigo from the stresses of touring for so many years. and let’s not forget the toll that drugs and cigarettes can have on your body after such a long time. the point is, it might be awhile before we hear the musical byproducts of engagement and marriage. at least his book is coming out soon.

anyway, i’m seeing him in a couple weeks. i’ll keep an eye out for mandy.


~ by CJL on February 12, 2009.

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  1. I need an update… No pressure or anything.

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