a li’l somethin’ on the side

neko case has the new pornographers. ben gibbard of death cab had the postal service. m. ward has she & him. 3 members of broken social scene are also in stars. jenny lewis and conor oberst have released solo albums apart from rilo kiley and bright eyes.

i love when artists pursue side projects. i’m a firm believer in the fact that if you have the gift of music, your work should transcend the boundaries of genre. this is why i love dave matthews and ryan adams. they are able to create music that sounds completely different from the rest of their catalogue yet still remains unique and recognizable. and GOOD. (minus stand up and cardinology. yeah, i’m still not over it…clearly.)

speaking of dave, they’ve announced that their new album is coming out on june 2. and, brace yourself, it’s going to be called: Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King. apparently, “Groogrux” was a nickname for the late leroi moore. also, TIM REYNOLDS will be on this album. hellooooooo, before these crowded streets!

anyway, i’m dedicating this post to some current side projects of my favorite musicians.


first of all, i must mention the pair of doc martens on the left. i definitely owned those SAME ones in 7th grade. and they probably were men’s too since i’ve had a size 10 foot since the age of 12.

anyway, the most recognizable member of state radio would be the doc marten wearing chad urmston, formerly of dispatch fame. and dispatch fans won’t be disappointed because state radio is like dispatch reincarnated. very similar sound and same commitment to social issues. they’ve released 2 albums since 2006, and another one’s on the way. check out my favorite song: “right me up

next up,


you probably recognize that guy that’s turned to the side. if you guessed the drummer from the strokes, you are correct! that’s fab moretti. he met rodrigo amarante of los hermanos at a music festival in lisbon and were basically like, “hey, let’s make some music together that’s different from what our bands usually do” and lo and behold, little joy was born.

it’s a little reggae, a little latin inspired, and pure like 50’s jams. good tunes to relax on the beach, without a care in the world. here’s “brand new start

and lastly, BLIKK FANG. this is the one i’m most excited about. probably because i know the least about the actual end product. kevin barnes (of montreal) + andrew vanwyngarden (mgmt) = borderline insane madness. i haven’t found a picture of them together as a band, so in case you don’t know, this is kevin barnes:

as a reader of this blog, you definitely know how crazy andrew van wyngarden is. (if not, here’s a refresher). imagine the two together. not even as musicians, just as people. WOWOWOW. now throw in the music. they haven’t officially released any sound clips yet; on their website there are 2 songs, one of which is an old mgmt song and the other, an of montreal cover. so basically we have no idea what this collaboration will sound like. we can only assume that it will be as experimental as their previous projects. here’s what we do know, though. they have confirmed that they are working on the following tracks: “hypnotic agents,” “dead dogs,” and “pleasure cunt.”

and, my gosh, i cannot wait for the inevitable, outrageous costumes.


~ by CJL on March 7, 2009.

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  1. blikk fang yeah!

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