the cardinals @ the majestic, 3/4/09

last wednesday night was 3 years in the making. since my freshman year of college, i’ve been trying to get my so-called friends to go to a ryan adams show with me. after facing rejection too many times to remember (“he’s too depressing,” “40 bucks?!”, “that guy is sooo gay”), i finally decided to try a tactic that could not fail: bribing 2 of my friends with free tickets.

so my 2 victims and i took a little road trip to the majestic theater in san antonio for the show of a lifetime. okay, just my lifetime.


[just to clarify, i didn’t take this picture. taking out a camera (which i don’t/have never owned, by the way) would have resulted in a 60 year old usher yelling at me. believe me, i watched it happen to someone else.]

they went on at 8:45
I See Monsters
Holy. Shi*t.
Off Broadway
Peaceful Valley
Born Into a Light
Beautiful Sorta
Fix It
Let It Ride

at this point, it was pretty clear that his ear piece was giving him trouble. it seemed like they were rushing through the songs. ryan told us that everything sounded like star wars to him and asked the crowd if we wouldn’t mind waiting 5 minutes so he could get a new ear monitor. it was most definitely took more than 5 minutes, so I took the break to have one of my minions fetch me a diet coke. juuust kidding, my friends are my equals.

during this time, they completely redid the stage layout. when the band finally reappeared, they played sitting down the rest of the time. i guess the vertigo was kicking in. (which he absolutely suffers from. hysterical considering that lucille 2 and ryan have the same hairstyle)
Cold Roses
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Goodnight Rose
Freeway to Canyon
Why Do They Leave
(so he played the opening notes on the harmonica and of course the crowd flips out, provoking him to ask, “what if i wasn’t playing that song?!? what if i was playing a completely different song?”. ’twas funny.)
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Grand Island
A Kiss Before I Go
Born Into a Light
(yeeeeeeep. again.)
Come Pick Me Up
(note: if you think ryan adams’ “wonderwall” cover sounds like the original version, you don’t deserve to be fan. period. you should’ve given your ticket to someone who actually cares. you could have spared your dignity when you were belting out the oasis version at the top of your lungs, and i could hear you from all the way up in my seat in the mezzanine.)

they were done at 11. no encore. the majestic must have some kind of curfew because the camera nazis practically pushed us out the door at 11:05. and, oh yeah, this lady threatened to call the police on us. thanks, gibby and izzy.

it really was amazing. almost as life changing as when i bought cold roses. and easy tiger. i only wish he had played “rescue blues.” according to ryanadamsarchive, he’s been playing it pretty consistently. on piano. ugh.

also, they were selling infinity blues at the merch table, which technically won’t be released until april 1st.

unfortunately, i wasn’t aware of this until we were trying to get out of the parking lot, and i just happened to see it under the arm of some girl.


~ by CJL on March 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “the cardinals @ the majestic, 3/4/09”

  1. I WAS THERE! And the Austin show in October was way better even though it was worth it for I See Monsters in and of itself. I wish someone would have bought my ticket. No fair. And Infinity Blues actually kinda sucks. I was not impressed at all.

  2. well, the description of it sounds terrible. “how one person found himself by losing himself?” sorry, dude. i got my own problems. but i’ll probably read it anyway. if anything, for my love of ryan…someone who’s changed my life at least 8 times. at least 4 of those just from cold roses. i owe it to him?

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