band of the moment: french horn rebellion (+ a twitter rant)

first, let’s all acknowledge my snazzy new look. the times, they are a-changin’…

also, i wanted to mention that despite my recent flurry of posts, the number of hits this blog gets each day is actually decreasing. are you people getting tired of me or what?

so as you may already know, i abhor twitter. it is just so dumb and pointless. unless you are tony reali or ryan adams, i really could not care less about what you are doing every second of your life. i mean, weren’t we just complaining about how dumb facebook statuses are? basically, it’s like blogging for lazy people. or a way for people over the age of 13 to have an online diary.

i admit, in some circumstances, its really useful, especially in the context of live music. (see? this rant is relevant!) getting news of a suh-weeeet show like “atal playing love love love@ cedar door now!” (i have no idea if this is the correct lingo or whatnot…but you get it.) particularly during an event where anything can happen and anyone can show up anywhere, something like twitter has a purpose. “goin to heb!” = not purposeful. ever. period. the end. well actually, it could be of use to someone that wants to rob you while youre not home. yeah, i went there.

as a student of marketing, i know that social marketing tools have the chance to drastically leverage the power we have as consumers. but we are using them to the point of making them irrelevant. do we want twitter to become the new heelies?!? seriously, those are the worst.

the only thing i truly appreciate about twitter is its entertainment value. its just a way for celebrities to make an even bigger mockery of themselves. example: stereogum’s 50 best rock star twitters of the week.

now onto the important stuff. last week, i was too busy being an outstanding basketball fan to be a music aficionado. i took in about 3.5 hours of sxsw, and at least .5 of those were spent at the mlb tent, watching people trying to break the 86 mph mark with their so-called fastballs. however, i was fortunate enough to see a terrific band called the french horn rebellion. the dudes pulled out a french horn in the middle of momo’s. and not as some kind of artistic statement. one of them actually played it. how cool.

they really remind me of mgmt, pre-oracular spectacular. dance party music with the synth-pop video game soundtrack thing happening. they describe themselves as:

When a giant French horn breaks apart into a million pieces and collectively reorganizes itself in the 5th spatial dimensional realm.

um, yeah. ok.

i could tell just by looking at them that they were brooklyn based. (the hair = dead giveaway)  but i sense a midwest-type influence in their sound; just something about them is very rural.  after all, only so many people can actually be from brooklyn. check out “up all night”:

 check out their myspace for a “cruel summer” remix (they call it “let the music play REMIX”) and some other jams.


~ by CJL on March 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “band of the moment: french horn rebellion (+ a twitter rant)”

  1. I agree twitter is a little ridiculous at times but twitter does not equal heelies. EVER.

  2. […] yesterday, Candace posted a rant about Twitter on her blog “life is a playlist.” This is a response to that […]

  3. Twitter is SO lame. However…. I did create a handle out of curiosity, and it, much like facebook was when i first started it, is terribly addicting. So not cool. I shall fight the temptation and fight the good fight (not Dashboard Confessional style)

  4. […] horn rebellion is a band near and dear to my heart. i am not the type to go to random shows, and nor am i the type to be blown away when seeing a band […]

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