i just have get this off my chest.

i’ve been mulling over this for awhile, and i think i’m ready to share it with the world.


for awhile, i was in denial about how terrible viva la vida was. now, after 9 months, i’m ready to face the truth.

obviously, i’ve been a big fan since high school. i still think that parachutes was fantastic. so was most of a rush of blood to the head. (nope, don’t say “clocks.” worst.) and some of x&y. but it’s like they’re taking over the world.

they just went on tour last fall/winter. and now they’re touring again this summer. i’m sorry, but no. NO. just go away. please.

in memoriam, here is my r.i.p. coldplay playlist. in other words, my top 10…in ascending order. i even looked up all the videos for you people. after this, i vow to never speak of them again on this blog.

  1. only superstition
  2. everything’s not lost
  3. x&y
  4. see you soon
  5. sparks (one of my friends always talks about how the beginning bass part sounds like cary brothers’ “blue eyes”)
  6. politik
  7. swallowed in the sea
  8. shiver
  9. we never  change
  10. warning sign

okay, done.

oh, i wanted to leave you with conor oberst & the mvb’s new song, “slowly (oh so slowly)“. looks like they’re picking up right where they left off with the last album. a good thing, of course. outer south drops may 4th.


~ by CJL on March 31, 2009.

One Response to “i just have get this off my chest.”

  1. YEAY!!!! WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE! COLDPLAY SUCKS! always have in my opinion

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