a song of the day from the band of the moment 4/6

last february, one of my favorite bands of all time, the format, died. i had alot of good memories thanks to nate & sam, whether it be sitting around a campfire after a high school dance while one of my friends played “give it up” on his guitar or seeing them live for the first time and absolutely having my mind blown.

last august, nate sent out an email to format fans, explaining that he would be teaming up with andrew dost (anathallo) and jack antonoff (steel train) on a new project called fun.

they sound alot like the dog problems era of the format. circus-y, lots of horns, nate’s voice, you get it.

*side note: im watching sportscenter right now, and someone mentioned that some carolina fans will be wearing “make it wayne” shirts tonight. no. no. a thousand times, no.

anyway, today i got an email for a free download for “at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be)”, their first single, so that will be today’s song of the day.

i also thought this would be a good time to do a “best of the format” playlist. i’m only picking 5 songs because they don’t have an extensive catalog.

  1. give it up (interventions & lullabies)
  2. dog problems (from dog problems)
  3. one shot, two shots (snails ep)
  4. janet (demos/white room)
  5. tie the rope (interventions & lullabies)


~ by CJL on April 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “a song of the day from the band of the moment 4/6”

  1. […] on their facebook and myspace called “walking the dog.” i like it alot. even more than their last song. can’t wait for their album to come out in […]

  2. […] if you’re looking for something slightly depressing that still manages to come off as upbeat, like “tie the rope” or “she doesn’t get it,” “barlights” is for you. personally, i feel that nate ruess is exceptionally good at creating this kind of music. (you should also check out the song i posted awhile back.) […]

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