amazon’s 100 greatest indie albums of all time

these are the rules they had:

  • One album per artist.
  • No EPs or singles, this list is about albums.
  • No greatest hits collections or compilations of previously released tracks.
  • Nominations must have been originally released on an independent label. Albums released on indies which were later acquired and/or re-released by majors are allowed.

you can read the list here. i have never felt so inadquate in my entire life. i only own 11 of them:

7. if you’re feeling sinister- belle & sebastian

13. michigan- sufjan stevens

18. give up- the postal service

21. lifted or the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground- bright eyes

24. funeral- arcade fire

33. merriweather post pavilion- animal collective (seriously? this just came out…)

39. you forgot it in people- broken social

42. mass romantic- the new pornographers

55. the mysterious production of eggs- andrew bird

64. rejoicing in the hands- devendra banhart

68. oh, inverted world- the shins (no. everyone owns this.)

out of amazon’s top 10, i only own 1? can this be right? is this real life? am i a poser?


~ by CJL on April 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “amazon’s 100 greatest indie albums of all time”

  1. It’s OK. I only have 25 of them. And note that I violently disagree with some of them. And by the way, nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING should be above Neutral Milk Hotel in ANY given Indie music list.

  2. Ok this may be slightly creepy, but I read your blog and you don’t even know me. I think I heard of you from Lindsey Mullican, but I am not entirely sure. None the less. I am willing to send you some of these top 100 albums because as a fellow lover of music I believe it is important to have such albums

    • haha, i know OF you. though linds, of course.
      and yes. lets do an exchange. i just bought neutral milk hotel. what else were you thinking?

  3. I was thinking I have 18 of the albums…10 of which you do not own. Some of these albums you can get by without owning but for other it is a travesty. And thank goodness you bought Airplane Over the Sea. But yes I will donate some albums to you. Now I don’t want you to think that I am some crazed maniac bent on converting the world to a regime of good music_I just believe that to pay you back for writing this blog, which usually is teeming with good tunes and exquisite playlists. Not that I agree with all the choices, but for the most part I believe you have a good taste in music. So yes…I will give you music…you must choose the mode in which to receive it.

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