the greatest website in all of history

soooo in response to all of the random hits i’ve been getting from google for “dave matthews band playlists,” ive decided this post is a necessity.

if you’ve ever gone to a dave show, you know there’s nothing as thrilling as the initial seconds of each song. the band plays the first few notes, the crowd figures out which song it is then proceeds to go varying levels of crazy. the dmb community values rarity and takes pride in the statement “i saw (insert song title here) live!” dave fans are the epitome of devotion and know a rare song when they hear one. that is something that i’ve never experienced at any other show i’ve been to.

antsmarching is quite possibly the greatest fan-operated website that i have ever seen. its main purpose is to keep track of all dmb tour activities, and its setlist database goes back to 1989. each show is rated based on the collective rarities of each song that was played. you can also see the album breakdown of each show, tour, and year. basically it is a work of art and should be admired.

oh, did i mention its updated in realtime? last night, i was able to keep up with the show in new jersey, freaking out as they played stay or leave and the maker.

you should register for the site. that way, you can select all of the shows you’ve ever attended, and see how your stats stack up!


~ by CJL on April 16, 2009.

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