american idol, the finale

tonight is the long awaited, grand finale of american idol season 8. believe it or not, i actually do watch the show. this is the first season since carrie underwood’s that i’ve actually gotten emotionally invested enough to vote every week. the reason? this guy.

kris allen, ladies and gentlemen! i really think he could be the first successful male american idol. he’s got a decent voice and can play a variety of instruments…and because he’s totally adorable, millions of girls will buy his music (me). i mean, i already own his entire itunes collection, as you have probably been able to infer from my “recently played tracks” widget on the sidebar. and who’s he up against? adam lambert, you guys.

yeah. that was real life. kinda sounds like he “took the Johnny Cash song “Ring Of Fire,” impregnated it with a unicorn, sent it to India, gave it an STD test, and read the results of that test with a sitar strumming in the background on live television,” doesn’t it?  (yeah, that was from one of best week ever’s recaps, appropriately titled, “adam lambert gives america ear herpes during ‘grand ole opry’ week.”) thanks to his broadway background, (this show is no longer for amateurs!) every adam lambert performance becomes a full blown theatrical production.

anyway, adam’s been the front runner since the first episode. all of the judges basically kiss his feet everytime he sings. we’ll see who takes the metaphorical crown tonight.


~ by CJL on May 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “american idol, the finale”

  1. This is one of your best posts ever. Nicely played.

  2. I think it will be better for Kris’ career to get 2nd place. They will both undoubtedly get record deals (as every Top 2 do) and I feel that Kris’ “artistry” will be better expressed if he doesn’t have the winner pressure or getting told what to do from the record execs. The suits will basically let Adam do whatever he wants because he is crazy, which has worked this whole season, and the fact that Adam could probably control anyone with his piercing dinosaur eyes and unnerving stare.

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