paul shirley: worlds be colliding.

i can’t believe i’ve never talked about paul shirley here before. he has my dream job. he blogs about music. for espn. (mind explosion!)

i guess as a former nba player and author, you have the clout to deserve that job.

this week, he did a post about his recent breakup. it’s pretty sad. i mean, the guy talks about 3 songs as they relate to their relationship (which he outlines in great detail.)

he’s also written about dan auerbach, girl talk, and surviving a nickelback concert.

my favorite one as of late, though, was definitely his love letter to alison mosshart of the kills.

check out his full archive. there’s something for everyone!


~ by CJL on June 5, 2009.

One Response to “paul shirley: worlds be colliding.”

  1. […] why are the black eyed peas still famous? paul shirley wrote a new article yesterday, and he’s hopping on board both the passion pit AND discovery trains! (if you don’t remember who paul shirley is, check out this past post.) […]

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