vincent chase: drummer?

i have a question. who is this man?

vincent chase, star of the highest grossing movie of all time, aquaman? CORRECT.

the guy from britney spears’ “crazy” video? CORRECT.

adrien grenier, anne hathaway’s boyfriend in the devil wears prada? CORRECT.

well, he’s also a musician, people! a legitimate one too, i think, because spinner just did this article about his band. apparently, he plays drums for the honey brothers, a five piece folk band. they describe themselves as new wave folk, and kind of have that avett brothers or johnny flynn sound. and they’re playing all points west and bumbershoot this summer. (music cred: check!) their new ep coincidentally came out yesterday.

anyway, the real kicker is that the ukelele player in the band’s name is….


only the single greatest tv character of all time. from adrien grenier’s tv show. mind explosion!

to get back to the music, though, i did listen to their current stuff on their myspace, and it’s pretty good.


~ by CJL on June 17, 2009.

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