beastie boys update

according to greg kot at the chicago tribune, c3 is looking for someone to replace the beastie boys in the lollapalooza lineup. let’s keep in mind that that’s going down in 2 and a half weeks. yikes.

Charlie Jones of c3 Presents, the Texas-based Lollapalooza promoter, said his office is working to find a headline-worthy replacement. “We are looking for a band suitable to play on that stage in that slot,” he said.

word on the street yesterday was that either they would find a replacement that wasn’t scheduled to play the festival, move someone up from earlier that day, most likely ben harper and the relentless7, or let tool (yeah, still cant believe that’s happening) play unopposed on saturday night. but i’m looking at the schedule right now and either i’m hallucinating or they moved bassnectar to the 8:30-10:00 slot. which means there will be 3 bands closing out the second night?

so who will they recruit? there’s been alot of talk on the boards about a quality hip hop act, which could be fun since i sure as hell don’t want to see tool. but with lollapalooza being so close and the fact that the beastie boys were only like 4th or 5th on the billing when the lineup originally came out, i won’t get my hopes too high.

~ by CJL on July 21, 2009.

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