song of the day 8/2

paper heart comes out this weekend, and i’m pretty excited. i’ve been hearing about this movie for awhile, and i’m glad i’ll finally get to see it.

paper heart is a movie written by charlyne yi, best known as martin’s high as a kite girlfriend in knocked up, and michael cera’s real-life girlfriend. the movie is in the style of a documentary…charlyne’s quest to travel the country to discover what love means. or something like that. after filming starts, she meets michael, and they fall in love. obviously, it’s not a documentary since they started dating long before this movie, but it’s still a cute idea, and i think it’ll be good.

it looks like charlyne and michael did most of the soundtrack themselves, and this is a song that charlyne wrote. in fact, to promote the movie, they are doing a contest in which viewers can record their own version of “magic perfume,” post it to youtube, and maybe win an ipod.

i really like this song. she doesn’t have the best voice ever, but there’s something very genuine and endearing about the way she sings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


~ by CJL on August 2, 2009.

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