i’m still alive…

i haven’t signed into wordpress for 8 days. as you may know, for about 5 of those days, i was in the windy city, and for 3 of those days, i was in beautiful grant park enjoying lollapalooza.

but to my faithful readers, i must apologize because the word juices just aren’t flowing. i had plans of grandeur to come back from my trip and crank out a lollapalooza megapost about all the bands i saw, what i ate, who was wearing what, etc. but i’m just feeling incredibly uninspired.

i promise the recaps are coming. just give me a few days.

in the meantime, i’ve stumbled across (okay, purposefully looked for and found) ezra koenig’s blog, internet vibes, circa his columbia days….soooo like 2005-06. pre-vampire weekend. (were people really blogging back then?! i definitely wasnt.)

it’s kind of spooky to get a glimpse of his mind after hearing the songs that were probably inspired by alot of these ramblings. references to old san juan and stuff like that. twilight zone!!

not that i wasn’t already aware of this, but guys, he is a smart one. if you have some down time, i highly encourage you to read it because he explores some very interesting topics. i am going to index-list them here, and you can pick and choose. not to toot my future husband’s (he’s always been my #2, but i may have to upgrade him to #1.5 soon after all these subtle references to classic brit lit) horn, but his thoughts are verrrrrrrry intriguing!

i admire this man. i wish i could be more like him. instead of writing about random things i’m interested in, i want to take it to another level. think about how whatever piece of music news of the day relates to society, history, and the future.

theres so much regurgitation of news out there these days. what makes this blog unique? as far as i know, nothing, at this point.


~ by CJL on August 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “i’m still alive…”

  1. CJL makes this blog unique! w00t w00t REP REP

  2. Dude,can’t wait for your festival round-up. But I know what you mean about feeling uninspired- when I took a week off from blogging for my birthday, I had a serious case of writers’ block when I returned.

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