scarlett & pete vs. zooey & matt

apparently being a successful actress, an international sex symbol, and ryan reynolds’ wife just isn’t enough for scarlett johansson. last summer, she released a tom waits cover album, and next month, her collab with pete yorn, break up, will be released to all of us skeptics. um, did i mention she’s only 24 years old?!

the first single’s video has people talking. could pete & scarlett be the next zooey deschanel & m.ward? this, to me, is a ridiculous question because she & him has been around for what…a year and a half? two years? i refuse to believe that they have set some kind of duet standard for the rest of the music world. (if you’ve been with me for awhile, you know that despite my love for zooey and matt’s separate careers, i have and will continue to be more critical than the general public about volume one.)

anyway, i really like scarlett & pete’s song. her voice is less unique than zooey’s for sure, though. if you’ve seen he’s just not that into you, you know what i’m talking about. she sounds like all those female brits that are having their hey day right now (adele, duffy, wino, etc.). but i’ve always been a HUGE fan of pete yorn’s songwriting. musicforthemorningafter is one of my favorite albums ever, and it seems that break up is just what i’ve been waiting for since i was disappointed with his two latest cd’s.

check it out for yourself. i think you might be pleasantly surprised with “relator.” by the way, is it too soon to be hoping for a ryan adams/mandy moore album?!?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


~ by CJL on August 13, 2009.

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