p2k: the top 500 tracks of the 2000’s

ed note: wow, i just started listening. this is incredibly overwhelming. i don’t even recognize most of these bands. brace yourself, all who are brave enough to take a listen.

pitchfork is chronicling the best music to hit the airwaves since 1999. yesterday, they listed #’s 500-201. don’t worry, it’s literally just a list. no descriptions or anything.

they’re saving that for the top 200.

i’m looking forward to reading this because while i’ve read alot of articles on what people think to be the best albums, there are far fewer lists that dare to rank individual tracks. (duh, that’s way harder. way more stuff to sift through…for example, “steady as we go” or “stolen away” = great songs; stand up = terrible album.)

tune in everyday as they reveal more and more of what is sure to be a pretentious list. here’s the sched:

  • monday: #’s 500-201
  • tuesday: #200-101
  • wednesday: #100-51
  • thursday: #50-21
  • friday: #20-1

then next week, they’ll be doing features like “the social history of the mp3,” and “the mainstreaming of indie” because, of course, it’s pitchfork.

you can listen to all the tracks as they announce them on the p2k main page.


~ by CJL on August 18, 2009.

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