nancy botwin: music video star

yesterday, as i was driving home from work, i heard this song on the radio. the still is kind of creepy, oops.

“listen to the dark side” by charlie mars.

i looked up the song on youtube to make it my song of the day, but then i noticed that mary-louise parker, best known as nancy botwin in weeds, plays the lead in the music video. what the heck! (i kinda remember reading something about this on stereogum awhile back, but i had never heard of charlie mars, so i probably dismissed it.)

coincidentally, this song contains references to weed. SO MANY LINKS IN THIS FULL CIRCLE CHAIN.

so the fact that a random song i heard on the radio has ties to one of my favorite tv shows of all time (apparently the song debuted on the show this past week. again, i have no recollection.), coupled with charlie mars’ vague, okay really vague, resemblance to reid from this past season of the bachelorette, have pushed me to upgrade this song from “song of the day” status to a full-blown post.

so, onto charlie mars. who is this man?

according to the bio on his official website, he went to smu, released 3 albums and later landed in rehab for an alcohol/pill addiction. yikes. then he lived on a houseboat restaurant in sweden. (what?) when he got back to the states, he got lucky in a casino, where his earnings were enough to pay for some studio time. he got signed to v2 records, which folded 3 years later and left charlie on his own once again.

so what does he do? comes to austin. yeeeeeeeeeah. he laid the tracks for his most recent album, like a bird, like a plane, which chronicles his conflicts with his childhood, during which he was raised in the methodist church. he explains it like this:

“i think the message of christianity is beautiful- love and compassion and tolerance. i feel close to that. but when people co-opt that and use it to have power over others through shame and fear, it becomes a problem. i felt guilt about things which were really a natural part of being a precocious, confused kid who was sensitive and aware. it created an internal conflict which i still deal with all the time. it wasn’t until i got a sense of humor about some of it that i started to feel better and come into my own.”

that intrigues me enough to want to give this cd a listen. so far “listen to the dark side” is the only song i’ve heard from it, but i’m definitely putting it on my list.


~ by CJL on August 20, 2009.

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