the gallagher family feud rages on

liam and noel gallagher (oasis) are fighting again. (or is it still?)

what else is new?

as far as im concerned, this is what life is like in the uk: the sun comes up, hail to the queen, the gallaghers get in a fight, tea and crumpets, worship the arctic monkeys, fish & chips, amy winehouse does something ridiculous, the sun goes down.

spinner had a story today about how liam is pretty angry about noel’s plans to record a solo album. back in july, he threw a fit at a show, to which fans responded by throwing beer on stage. (?) and liam, being liam, stormed off, leaving the rest of the band to finish the show on their own. his older brother accused him of being on his “man period.”

that is a direct quote from a 42 year old man, folks!!!

the absolute best part about the article was this gem:

“[Liam] also declared the battling brothers no longer speak to each except via Twitter.”

twitter: bringing estranged siblings together since 2009. that should be their new slogan. i still hate twitter.


~ by CJL on August 20, 2009.

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