im going to mock colbie caillat’s video now.

colbie caillat’s new album is coming out soon.

really, i dont hate her. i will admit i thoroughly enjoyed a few songs off of her first cd. then, i saw her open for john mayer last summer (maybe it was ’07?), and she didnt pick up an instrument once. what’s with that?

anyway, i was curious about this new single of hers, so i looked it up, and the song itself is alright, but the video is wack. (apparently, this is the clean version. how can there be a dirty version?) you can watch it first, or skip straight to the reasons why:

  1. bobby moynihan (snl) as a leading man? i realize this song is about falling for the unpredictable, but i felt like casting him turned this whole idea into a complete satire? am i heartless? probably. but i can’t picture him as anything other than the creepy italian kid that sits on bill hader’s lap.
  2. he’s wearing a matching sweatsuit on the beach. the only thing worse than this would be if the pants said juicy on the butt.
  3. and in another scene, he’s wearing uggs and shorts.
  4. and he drives some two-toned, hideous chrysler vehicle.
  5. his surfboard is (fake) louis vuitton. is he like a guido or something?
  6. then, he and colbie take shots of something green. while their arms are linked together. like a wedding toast.
  7. then, they go rollerblading except he’s on a segway. (segway riding people are THE WORST.)
  8. it concludes with her twirling around on the beach in a white dress because she can no longer contain the fact that she’s falling for him.


i find it hard to believe that a dead-on jennifer aniston look-alike would fall for the bobby moynihan as portrayed in this video. i’m sure bobby moynihan is a very nice guy, but i doubt he is anything like the guy he plays in this video.

and i have frequented many beaches, and never have i ever seen someone hold up a metal detector to a person because they are wearing lots of ridiculous bling. (although this should happen more often because there is too much ridiculous bling in the world.)

the song’s concept is cute, but it’s safe to say the underlying message is tainted. maybe they were trying to make this funny so it would go viral, but whatever the opposite of a stamp of approval is, this video is getting it from me. (DE-NIIIIIIED)


~ by CJL on August 24, 2009.

One Response to “im going to mock colbie caillat’s video now.”

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