to fans of the format…

nate ruess’ new project, fun., released aim and ignite today, and i’m going to try my best to convince you to buy it. or at least listen to it and like it.

the guy’s voice is so distinct, that everything he does from here on out will be associated with the format. if you liked anything put out by the format, i think you will like this album at least a little. it’s more dog problems then interventions and lullabies, but there’s something for everyone.

if you’re looking for a catchy, summery tune like “the first single” or “time bomb,” listen to “walking the dog.”

if you’re looking for something slightly depressing that still manages to come off as upbeat, like “tie the rope” or “she doesn’t get it,” “barlights” is for you. personally, i feel that nate ruess is exceptionally good at creating this kind of music. (you should also check out the song i posted awhile back.)

and finally, if you’re in the mood for a cutesy love song like “snails,” here’s “i wanna be the one.”

there. i think i’ve covered all the bases. hopefully, you found something you liked.


~ by CJL on August 25, 2009.

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