n.e.r.d. becomes a foursome & song of the day 8/26

yesterday, pharrell announced that n.e.r.d. would be adding a fourth member, an r&b singer named rhea. (via angryape)

of course, this begs the question: is n.e.r.d. the new black eyed peas?

i mean, i’m pretty sure that could never happen. or more like, that should never happen. something is very wrong if we ever christen some future band the “new black eyed peas.” that better not happen til i’m dead and gone. if not never.

i really like n.e.r.d. i’m not too big on hip-hop, but they’re kind of rock/hip-hop fusion. very unique, i think.

for today’s song of the day, i’ve chosen one of my favorites of theirs, “sooner or later” to celebrate the two pharrell-related back to back posts.


~ by CJL on August 26, 2009.

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