ryan adams: artist extraordinaire

we all keep hearing that the rich are getting richer and that the poor are getting poorer. old news.

but does anyone else feel like talented people are way more talented than the average person? i mean, as far as the array of talent goes. alot of actors have decent voices and have gone on to have semi-successful singing careers. others have a really keen eye for fashion and have designed their own lines. is it because they have more exposure to means that can make them more successful in another field if they are already well known in one? maybe.

you can add ryan adams to that list now. the guy’s already a master of many genres of music, hip hop included. but now he’s showing off his gifts in the visual arts.

next month, ryan will become the morrisson hotel (nyc) gallery’s first artist in residence. i’m biased, but this stuff looks pretty good. take a look:


maybe if he was an ordinary joe, his art would be hanging up in some local coffeeshop or something. but it’s not like he’s using his clout to further some obviously talent-lacking project. this is somewhat legitimate. you can peruse the rest of his collection on the morrison’s website.

this comes with the news that ryan is now writing a videogame column for the awl. (he previously wrote for blackbook. and he wrote two books.) jack of all trades. or jack of all arts? just saying.


~ by CJL on August 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “ryan adams: artist extraordinaire”

  1. Part of the art show is an auction to benefit Housing Works.

  2. […] adams’ exhibition opening about a month ago, i told you that ryan adams had put together an art exhibition for the morrison […]

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