songs of summer ’09

all summer, ny mag’s vulture has done a weekly feature called “song of the summer,” in which vulture bloggers present power ranking for the top 10 songs in america that week. this has nothing do with charting, just what they feel is hot at the moment.

on monday, they will reveal their top song of the summer, but in the mean time, some of their staffers have chosen their favorite songs.

ive been keeping track of the stats since may (15 weeks total, excluding the 1 week where every song in the top 10 was a michael jackson cover), and i am proud to present to you, the top 10.

10. (tie) “she wolf”- shakira (4 weeks in vulture’s top 10)

10. (tie) “i know you want me (calle ocho)- pitbull (4 weeks)

10. (tie) “i do not hook up”- kelly clarkson (4 weeks)

9. “knock you down”- keri hilson feat. kanye west & ne-yo (5 weeks)

7. (tie) “obsessed”- mariah carey (6 weeks)

7. (tie) “know your enemy”- green day (6 weeks)

5. (tie) “every girl”- young money (7 weeks)

5. (tie) “blame it on the alcohol”- jamie foxx feat. t-pain (7 weeks)

4. “i gotta feeling”- black eyed peas (8 weeks)

3. “boom boom pow”- black eyed peas (10 weeks)

1. (tie) “birthday sex”- jeremih (12 weeks)

1. (tie) “best i ever had”- drake (12 weeks)

here, i made a playlist for you so you can listen and be depressed about the crap americans are listening to these days. i had never even heard 5 of these songs before…like “birthday sex”? really? why?

also, “you the f*cking best, best i ever had.” was there not a more romantic way to say that? and i noticed he says “young money” in this song. the same young money that sings “every girl?” is young money lil wayne? what the heck is going on?

and finally, how did taylor swift not make this list? i feel like that’s the only song i ever hear on the radio anymore. not that i mind…

anyway, that’s that.

to all my readers, what are YOUR songs of the summer? (i’ll be revealing mine soon.)

ps: this is the saddest group of tags i have ever had to include in any of my posts. ever.


~ by CJL on August 28, 2009.

One Response to “songs of summer ’09”

  1. 1) Kim Zolciak – “Tardy for the Party”
    2)-10) See 1.

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