details on the new ipods, itunes 9

new apple products to be rolled out:

  • new nano ($149 for 8gb and $179 for 16gb) with a 2.2 inch display, built-in mic, pedometer, and fm radio tuner
  • new 160gb ipod classic costs the same as the existing model ($249)
  • a smaller, less expensive version of the shuffle (2gb for $59)

concerning itunes 9:

Meanwhile, the new version of iTunes cleans up the design, gives people more control over what content gets synched – or loaded on – to iPods and iPhones and introduces a way to organize applications purchased for the iPhone and iPod Touch from the iTunes store.

It also lets five computers on the same home network share – by streaming or copying – music, video and other content.

Jobs also said iTunes would now sell albums with photography, cover art, liner notes and other media reminiscent of the days of vinyl. The feature, called iTunes LP, will also come with interviews and other video. Recording companies have been looking for ways to boost album sales as iTunes and other online music stores make it easier to buy songs individually.

(via dallas morning news)


~ by CJL on September 9, 2009.

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