best makeout music (hilarity lies ahead)

this list is pretty bad but amusing nonetheless. i’m also including hilarious tidbits from the editorial. if you go to the original site, you can also look at the chosen make-out-a-licious lyric. (yep, really.) i would post them here, but some are a little racy!! nsfw, not really.

  1. “in your eyes”- peter gabriel
  2. “closer”- nine inch nails
  3. “fade into you”- mazzy star
  4. “let’s get it on”– marvin gaye: “the song was originally conceived by Doo-Wop pioneer Ed Townsend and was given a religious theme. It also went through a political transformation before it was given its current lyrics. The song helped make Marvin Gaye a sex icon.”
  5. “untitled (how does it feel)”– d’angelo:” the music video was controversial featuring a continuous shot of a naked D’Angelo. After the video, he became known for his body. This upset him and contributed to his absence from the music scene.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  6. “unchained melody”– righteous brothers (really?!)
  7. “any time, any place”– janet jackson: “the video acted as a safe sex campaign. At the end, the screen fades black and a message reads: “Any time, any place……be responsible.”
  8. “wicked game”– chris isaak
  9. “your body is a wonderland”– john mayer
  10. “crash”- dmb (UGHHH): “when Dave Matthews appeared on VH1 Storytellers, he said this song is about “the worship of women.”

(via aol music)


~ by CJL on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “best makeout music (hilarity lies ahead)”

  1. thank you for honoring September 11 qith this post hahaha

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