i agree with kanye

well facebook pretty much blew up with status changes about the whole yeezy/taylor swift moment last night on the vma’s. really, people. it’s the vma’s. by admitting that we’re watching, we give them some kind of credibility. and i dont think thats what we want to be doing. (how else will we get lady gaga to go away? and the black eyed peas duh.)

with that said, i didn’t watch the vma’s last night because andy samberg wasnt hosting. (by the way, if andy was on the show at any point last night, someone please tell me so i can find it online somewhere.)

vulture did a piece on today on why kanye was right. not his method, but his message. (i’ll admit that it was a douche move, but that’s what happens when we (america?) let that guy on stage. why are we even surprised anymore? )

not that the vma’s are a true gauge of what the best music videos are, but can’t we all agree that “single ladies” was a much better video than “you belong with me?” have we already forgotten how viral that beyonce video got? does no one remember that amazing snl parody? (another shameless andy plug)

Sure, Kanye’s inability (or refusal) to recognize the meaningless of MTV’s awards shows makes him seem humorless — but it’s also admirable, in a way. Why shouldn’t we demand that awards go to the most deserving artists? Did you hear the way his voice went up when he said, “…of ALL TIME!? He may be the world’s only person to believe in the integrity of the Video Music Awards, but he is completely serious about this! And in a year in which music culture is dominated by Michael Jackson and the Beatles, does his mission to acknowledge the greatness of contemporary musicians (like Beyoncé, who actually did make one of the greatest music videos of ALL TIME) not amount to a worthy cause? (Plus, he saved everybody from having to talk about Lady Gaga today.)

(via vulture)


~ by CJL on September 14, 2009.

One Response to “i agree with kanye”

  1. Andy Samberg gave out an award with
    Jimmy Fallon.

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