a sportswriter declares his allegiance to team kanye

this guy’s the best. after simmons, of course.


by dj gallo, espn page 2

Kicked out of the VMAs. Vilified on every cable news channel. Kanye West is a pariah. All because he went up on stage and made the point that Beyonce had a video superior to Taylor Swift’s.

What he did was not socially acceptable. It was quite rude. But Beyonce’s video WAS better (it later won Video Of The Year). And under different circumstances, I would be all for Kanye West reprising his attention-grabbing role.

Think about it. Everyone would have cheered him a few years ago if he had snatched the microphone away from Barry Bonds and said: “Barry, Im’ma let you finish. But Hank Aaron is the greatest home run hitter of all time! All time!”

Or what about the 1994 and ’95 NBA Finals: “Hakeem, Im’ma let you finish. But you didn’t really win. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time.” He could have done the same last year when Padraig Harrington was winning majors while Tiger Woods was hurt.

Who wouldn’t have loved to see a precocious, 11-year-old Kanye West protest Roy Jones Jr. losing at the 1988 Olympics? Let’s send him back in time to take the microphone away from the Soviet basketball team at the 1972 Games: “Boris, Im’ma have to stop you.”

In fact, I demand that Kanye West start doing this. It’s a needed public service and it will restore his reputation among the American public.

Picture it: Jan. 7, 2010. “Coach, Im’ma let you finish. But the BCS is the biggest travesty of all time! All time!”


~ by CJL on September 15, 2009.

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