“songs that summon sleep”

paste made a sleepytime playlist for those of you insomniacs that need some help falling asleep every night. i took the liberty of adding some of my own favorite soothing tunes. the first 10 are paste’s, and the 2nd half is mine.

  1. undertaker- m.ward
  2. you are the rake- sufjan stevens
  3. barfly-ray lamontagne
  4. sleep through the static- jack johnson
  5. end of the day- beck
  6. dogs- damien rice
  7. she wants to play hearts- ryan adams
  8. sovay- andrew bird
  9. california- rogue wave
  10. stars- the weepies
  11. maybe im just tired- as tall as lions
  12. promising light- iron and wine
  13. paper cities- other lives
  14. poor boy- blind pilot
  15. tiger mountain peasant song- fleet foxes
  16. creature fear- bon iver
  17. foreground- grizzly bear
  18. too late- m83
  19. maybe im gone- sondre lerche
  20. shes a jar- wilco

you can listen to all the songs here.


~ by CJL on September 16, 2009.

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