wow, we really are just taller children…

to take a line from elizabeth & the catapult.

but really, this is just ridiculous.

jay-z is arguing that his feud with nas meant more than the gallagher brothers’ split.

When asked in a new interview in Shortlist magazine which beef “meant more”, Jay-Z said: “Nas because it comes from hip-hop. It was a great time in hip-hop, a great battle.

are you kidding?

jay-z is a hugely influential figure, but maybe he is unaware of oasis’ clout in the uk.  i mean, the british music scene has basically been all about finding the next oasis. i guess that hype just never quite made it across the pond.

hell, even if jay-z is more famous or whatever, this is just childish.

(via nme)


~ by CJL on September 17, 2009.

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