this week from spinner 9/21

man, oh man. so much to listen to this week. and it’s free so you have no excuse.

  • mind chaos– hockey
  • backspacer– pearl jam
  • masters of burial- amy millan (includes that “i will follow you into the dark” cover)
  • let it go– state radio
  • draw the line- david gray
  • vapours- islands
  • white water, white bloom– sea wolf
  • earth and fire reversion album– james yuill
  • the wreckage– will hoge
  • love travels– angel taylor
  • for lack of a better name– deadmau5
  • (m)orning– mae
  • album- girls
  • year in the kingdom– j. tillman (fleet foxes drummer)
  • build me this– joshua james
  • family- le loup
  • give blood– rain machine (kyp malone’s solo album)
  • unmap– volcano choir (justin vernon’s side project)

gosh, i’m pretty concerned that i won’t even get through half of these by the time spinner takes these off the web at the end of the week.

if you’ve been looking for the right time to “into” music, there’s not a better time than right now. be sure to check out the ones from sea wolf, islands, rain machine, and volcano choir, a few of the most talked about albums of late.

as always, you can listen to all of the above and more at spinner.


~ by CJL on September 21, 2009.

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