15 must-see bands at acl 2009

so yeah. no acl preview from me this year. i’m just not excited enough to do the research. sorry, readers. to be fair, i attempted to do friday’s lineup, but it was a total bore except for a few bands.

obviously, i’m sad about missing phoenix, the dirty projectors, grizzly bear, and state radio. and of course, i’m always down for a little a.bird.

but most of the others i already saw at lollapalooza. (note to self: if you’re going to 2 summer music festivals, don’t pick 2 c3 events.)

anyway, since i can’t do you the favor, i’ll post whatever i find from other media outlets. here’s soundcheck magazine‘s acl preview. their 15 must-see bands are:

  • the low anthem (agreed. i would have liked to check them out. currently opening for blind pilot.)
  • phoenix
  • them crooked vultures
  • yyy’s
  • !!! v. mutemath (playing at the same time)
  • grizzly bear
  • passion pit v. dirty projectors (worst acl time conflict EVER. their main audiences are one and the same.)
  • mos def
  • the dodos
  • the dead weather
  • dan auerbach
  • pearl jam
  • pick an artist you’ve never heard of and go see them (how original)

(via soundcheck)


~ by CJL on September 30, 2009.

One Response to “15 must-see bands at acl 2009”

  1. See Leon, Kings of.

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