mates of state w/ danny malone @ ut

just got home from a free show on the university of texas campus. the room wasn’t even pathetically full, so that was embarrassing.

danny malone (the lovechild of brett dennen, sean hayes, and kevin devine I SWEAR) opened for them. apparently, he used to go to ut. fun guy…busted out with a nice mj dance sequence towards the end. i liked him alot. “song of the year” is the only thing i remember about his set, though. also his backup singers were kind of spooky.

and then, KORI AND JASON TOOK THE STAGE AND I LOST MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! basically. here’s the setlist. what i can remember at least.

  • now
  • fraud in the 80’s (i think?)
  • goods
  • get better
  • jigsaw
  • parachutes
  • so many ways
  • think long –> free
  • fluke
  • nice things that look good
  • like u crazy
  • the rearranger
  • for the actor
  • my only offer
  • true love will find you in the end (daniel johnston cover)
  • ha ha
  • proofs
  • long way home (tom waits cover)

really, they were adorable to watch. they are my favorite couple ever behind marshall and lily eriksen. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…kori gardner is my hero. for a mom, she can sure rock out. seriously, though. wouldn’t it be awesome if your parents had written this song??


~ by CJL on September 30, 2009.

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