similar sounds: bon iver v. coldplay

or maybe it’s more like justin vernon v. chris martin.

has anyone else ever thought that justin vernon has a very british sounding singing voice for an american? there’s some kind of accent going on there, i swear. (ps: what do we think about bon iver’s “retirement?” will it be as short as jay-z’s? lily allen’s? brett favre’s? roger clemens’? ok, i’ll stop.)

anyway, listen to “blood bank,” and see what you think. obviously, the two bands’ styles are really different, but use your imagination.

maybe these aren’t the best coldplay songs to try and prove my point, but i can’t seem to remember exactly which song “blood bank” reminded me of. i’ll keep thinking. in the meantime, here’s a live version of  “amsterdam” and “parachutes.”

kind of, right???? im not crazy!


~ by CJL on September 30, 2009.

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