old people review mgmt’s “kids” video

lets continue today’s mgmt trend, shall we?

stereogum periodically posts these  videos of old people reviewing current popular  music. usually it’s just a song or two, but this time they had to watch a music video. one of the most bizarre music videos ever created, for crying outloud.

the “kids” video is basically a horror movie. i know you’ll agree with me if you’ve seen it before. the children in it are definitely scarred for life. they are being chased by gory zombies. (really.) not to mention, it stars joanna newsom, who is threatening to ruin my life by marrying andy samberg.

anyway, senior citizens reacting to this video is hilarious. please watch it. i mean, they were creeped out just by listening to grizzly bear’s “two weeks.” just try to imagine what they thought of mgmt’s unleashed creativity going absolutely berserk in front of their very (old) eyes.

(via stereogum)

~ by CJL on October 16, 2009.

One Response to “old people review mgmt’s “kids” video”

  1. this is fantastic! To be fair to the oldies, who wouldn’t be shocked or alarmed by this crazy nuts video?? GREAT TRACK

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