johnny flynn gets basham’d

earlier this week, i found my johnny flynn (my 2nd favorite south african born musician. dave matthews: 1st. duh.)  a larum cd. i lost it like 6 months ago before even getting to burn it onto my computer. sad day, but now i have it back, and that’s all that matters.

anyway, these recent events have inspired me to listen to that album nonstop, especially the most well-known track from it, “tickle me pink.” in fact, here is a cover of that song by my friend austin, who used to front the (now defunct) band along the buffalo (r.i.p.)

this is a lifeisaplaylist first, as i have never featured an artist that i personally know on this blog. (yes, i have friends, and some of them actually happen to be pretty talented.) on a sidenote, isnt having friends that can write/play music a total catch-22? i mean, you’re happy for and proud of them, but at the same time, it makes you feel slightly worthless, haha.


unfortunately this one’s a cover and not original material, but hopefully we’ll get to that point sooner than later! (baby steps). here’s austin basham’s version of “tickle me pink” live from houston this past summer. (it freezes toward the end because the person videoing it decided to take some still shots. on the same camera. oops!)

here’s the original in case you’re totally unaware. (which, you definitely shouldn’t be, because of this.)


~ by CJL on October 21, 2009.

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