band of the moment: freelance whales

so cmj happened this past weekend, and i’m reading the various blogs’ coverage of it. sounds like a good time. i love texas, but sometimes living in the northeast would have its perks for sure.

anyway, one of the bands that has been garnering alot of positive reviews is freelance whales, a quintet (4 guys, 1 gal) from arkansas (but now williamsburg) that uses everything from banjos, guitars, glockenspiels, tambourines and cellos, to harmoniums and synths.

from what i hear, they initially got their name out through loft shows and street performances. which means they probably put on an amazing live show. they’re playing with fanfarlo (!!!) in austin in december and I AM GOING.

if i had to compare them to other bands, i’d say loney dear, arcade fire, maybe some postal service, and obviously fanfarlo. their music is beautiful though…truly masters of their craft. and i’d like to think their talent remains this pure and unadulterated because they remain unsigned and self-released their album, weathervanes.

check out this performance of “generator^1st floor” in an l stop in brooklyn:

and the song in its entirety. it’s amazing.


~ by CJL on October 27, 2009.

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