athlete covers kings of leon’s “on call”

“on call” is probably my favorite kings of leon song.

kiiind of a bold statement considering that the band is currently being WAY over commercialized and over played. (see also: phoenix). like really it blows my mind a little when i hear “use somebody” (or i guess it’s “notion” now?) on the radio when the album came out over a year ago. go record a new album. enough is enough. this is a classic example of when a band’s talent is overshadowed by their annoying omnipresence. if you want to be appreciated, go away for a little while. im a snob, i know. (in case anyone cares, i’m finally getting to the point where i can hear “life in technicolor” without cringing.)

anyway, i found this video while i was searching for the one from the previous post. it’s allllright.



~ by CJL on November 2, 2009.

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