song of the day 11/13

one of my co-workers saw these guys (dj + drummer) live earlier this week and suggested that i take a listen. at first, i didn’t take him seriously because just a few minutes before, he had admitted to listening to owl city’s “fireflies” 10 times in a row. (like really, can that song go away already? i know i wrote about it last month. dont remind me. still embarassing. 1000 hugs from 10000 lightning bugs! so embarassing! goodbye to whatever little legitimacy i had built up as a credible music source. )

anyway, this song is actually a pretty sweet jam. “finally moving” by pretty lights…

the cool thing about pretty lights is that you can download all of their (his?) music for free on their website. well, i think so anyway. i haven’t tried, but you definitely should. especially if you liked what you just heard.


~ by CJL on November 13, 2009.

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