as usual, an mgmt interview leaves us all confused and wanting more

andrew and ben. gotta love those guys. so talented, yet so weird. if you’ve seen any of their music videos, you know that they are on a complete different wavelength than the rest of the world.

i don’t know if i’ve ever posted this video here before, but it is proof that they may, in fact, be insane. (please keep in mind that this happened in france.)

in addition to…that, their disregard for members of the media is offensive yet hilarious; their levels of sarcasm are practically unchartable…it seems they think they are better than most of us. (lets face it, they are. probably!) andrew, especially, is downright trite, and i am just so entertained by every interview they do. i never know exactly what the heck they’re talking about and if anything they say is serious. i guess that’s the effect that artistic geniuses have on lowly human beings like myself. total, utter bewilderment. of course, this makes me love them more.

anyway! new york magazine, to which i faithfully subscribe, devoted their latest issue to the brooklyn music scene.


they did extensive pieces on grizzly bear and the dirty projectors, and of course, mgmt. lets just say…it doesnt disappoint! for example:

NYM: So, you’re making a weird, depressing, confusing album?
GOLDWASSER: Yeah. Nobody’s going to like it!

Can you be more specific?
VANWYNGARDEN: We can debut the name of that new song of ours. It’s called “Brian Eno”; you heard about it here first. It’s kind of a vampire-punk-rock song about finding Brian Eno in like a cathedral in Transylvania. He’s like a dark wizard. We originally asked him to produce the track, but he hadn’t heard of us.

and my favorite:

NYM: All that said, you have exhibited some rock-star behavior, apart from just getting high at home.
VANWYNGARDEN: I wore a headband for a year.

you can read it online, in its entirety, here.

~ by CJL on November 15, 2009.

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